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We offer rail-based delivery support, destination handling, warehousing, and transshipment services for customers dealing with raw material oils, refined oil products, containers, and bulk cargoes.

Our company operates 8 dedicated railroad lines, primarily handling both domestic and international transportation, as well as warehousing services for hazardous chemicals such as oil products, crude oil and light corrosive substances, and general cargoes such as containers, steel, petroleum coke, coal and alumina. Our railroad network spans a total length of 8.026 m, featuring a loading and unloading yard covering 161.000 m2. a container yard spanning 110.000 m2. and an oil storage capacity of 73.000 m3.

“Binzhou-Xinjiang-Europe” international freight train

The train represents a significant initiative in line with the “Belt and Road” strategic concept. Led by the municipal government, our company oversees its operation, emphasizing a “fixed location, fixed line, fixed frequency, fixed time, fixed price” approach. This approach enables us to compress domestic logistics times from 8 days to just 3.5 days. Furthermore, in virtue of the “Silk Road integrated regional customs clearance” mechanism, we streamline local customs clearance, enabling a seamless process of release after just one declaration and inspection. This initiative results in nearly a 30% reduction in customs clearance costs for businesses. The journey begins at the Chambroad Railway dedicated line of Binzhou Boxing Railway Station.

“Binzhou-Qingdao-Europe” sea-rail international freight train

On December 22. 2017. the train departed slowly from the Chambroad railway dedicated line. Seven hours later, it arrived at Huangdao Port, Shandong, where it transitioned to sea transport, embarking on a cross-country journey. This marked the inception of the first sea-rail international freight line in the Yellow River Delta region and the second international freight line after the Binzhou train of the “Binzhou-Xinjiang-Europe” line.

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