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Shandong Chambroad Logistics Co., Ltd. is a modern logistics enterprise that integrates marine transportation, rail freight, highway transportation, pipeline transportation, port storage and transportation, and automotive aftermarket services. Our primary customers include manufacturing enterprises in industries such as petrochemicals, thermoelectricity, sheet materials, and grain and oil processing. Our company was founded in December 2012. with its origins dating back to 2002 when it started as a third-party logistics company specializing in hazardous chemical logistics. On December 2. 2015. our company officially became listed on the New Third Board capital market under stock code 834616. On June 27. 2016. it was included in the first batch of New Third Board innovation layer enterprise listings.

We are the leading members of the Shandong Association of Transportation & Logistics and the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing Hazardous Chemical Logistics Branch. We have earned national recognition through certifications in environment, quality, occupational health, and safety management systems, resulting in titles such as National 5A-level Logistics Enterprise, National Pilot Unit for Drop and Pull Transport, China Logistics Demonstration Base, Shandong Province 5-star Logistics Enterprise, Key Service Enterprise in Shandong Province, Renowned Service Brand in Shandong Province, Top 100 China Logistics Enterprise, and Top 30 China Chemical Logistics Enterprise. Additionally, our Yellow River Delta Binnan Logistics Park is a nationally recognized model logistics park and a key project endorsed by the Shandong Provincial Government.

We boast a fleet of over 450 vehicles, 8 railroad lines with proprietary rights, 2 highway distribution centers, and 1.3 million m3 of oil storage tanks. Our comprehensive logistics capabilities in handling hazardous chemicals rank among the best in Shandong Province. To further lower logistics costs in the Yellow River Delta’s manufacturing industry, enhance goods circulation efficiency, and bolster core competitiveness, we strategically leverage our railroad lines, oil tanks, and integrates port, rail, and pipeline resources. This approach leads to the development of a one-stop logistics service encompassing highway, railroad, ocean, pipeline transportation, and warehousing. The core focus is cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, resulting in optimized logistics solutions.

As the sole pilot enterprise with national NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) qualification in Binzhou, Zibo, Dongying, and Dezhou, we employ the “Jieyunhulian” NVOCC intelligent logistics platform, enabling seamless integration of logistics information resources such as vehicle and cargo sources. Collaborating with the inland port multimodal transport operation center, we capitalize on the logistics advantages of “Binzhou-Qingdao-Europe” and “Binzhou-Xinjiang-Europe” lines to excel in the bulk commodity industry and provide a comprehensive range of logistics services.

Looking ahead, we’ll take value-driven solutions as the core, logistics digital intelligence as the means, and multimodal transportation as the focus to specialize in chemical logistics, refine logistics operations, and aspire to be at the forefront of the logistics industry, ultimately becoming a trusted supply chain solution provider in the field of chemical logistics.


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