Current Position:

Strategic Positioning

Our core focus is delivering value-driven solutions, utilizing logistics digital intelligence, and emphasizing multimodal transportation. We specialize in chemical logistics, strive to refine our logistics operations, and aspire to be at the forefront of the logistics industry, ultimately becoming a trusted supply chain solution provider in the field of chemical logistics.

Corporate Mission

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, safe, reliable, and efficient logistics solutions for customers in the chemical industry.

Corporate Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted logistics partner in the chemical industry.

Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment is to elevate customers’ competitiveness and foster sustainable development through innovative, safe, and environmentally responsible design. We believe in letting digital intelligence guide the way in crafting cutting-edge chemical logistics solutions.

  • Corporate Tenets

    Our guiding tenets are simple yet profound: Maintain a kind heart, perform good deeds, develop a positive attitude, study well, teach others, be your best, set an example, contribute to society, foster innovation, and work for the well-being of future generations.
  • Core Values

    Way of running a family: Businesses are for conveying truth, and truth brings harmony.
    Family morality: Benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, trustworthiness, loyalty, filial piety, compassion, and wisdom.
    Family discipline: We adhere to the principles by which the universe works.
    Family business: Benevolence is our foundation, and people are our focus.
    Roots for building a family: Kindheartedness and altruism.
    Foundation of a family: We nurture our hearts, align our actions, strengthen our families, build our businesses, govern our enterprises, practice altruism, and love our society.
  • Guidance for Children

    A peaceful family will prosper, and only by repaying kindness with gratitude can one achieve success and fame.
    Cooperation and kindness lead to righteousness, and generosity and thriftiness lead to wisdom.
    A promise is as valuable as gold in building trust, and loyalty and filial piety form the basis of morality.
  • Family Traditions

    Our traditions emphasize justice, patriotism, innovation, diligence, humility, prudence, tolerance, responsibility, democracy, harmony, accountability, positivity, not transfering anger on others, not repeating a previous mistake, respect for superiors, support for colleagues, empowerment of subordinates, collaborative growth, reverence for elders, and protection of the vulnerable, reverence for nature, kindheartedness, and filial piety.
  • Outlook on life
    Life’s trials teach us gratitude, growth teaches us to give back, and responsibility motivates us to expand our horizons.
  • Outlook on innovation
    We strive to do what others won’t, can’t, haven’t, or can’t do well.
  • Outlook on talent
    We value character, education, competence, and accomplishments. Talent selection depends on good vision, education nurtures capability, utilization depends on vigor, management requires heart, and retention is fostered through charm.
  • Outlook on development
    Today’s success relies on effective management, tomorrow’s hinges on innovation, the day after tomorrow depends on training, and the future thrives on our culture.
  • Outlook on operation
    We believe in a just cause gains great support, and hold the upstream accountable to meet the downstream’s needs, manage assets, carry out risk control on properties, cultivate talent, and promote our culture.
  • Outlook on management
    Effective managers empathize with their employees, customers, and even their customers’ customers.
  • Way of management
    By understanding human nature, managing emotions and thoughts, addressing needs,


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