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General Cargo Transportation

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For general cargo transportation enterprises, we offer intensive logistics solutions, routine quality routes, and door-to-door general cargo logistics services, including road and sea-land services, and services involving evacuation of cargoes from port.

1. As a national freight transport pilot, we integrate transport capacity resources based on the platform, and employ modes such as “platform+finance+insurance+NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier)” to streamline operations and management. This reduces costs and enhances efficiency for businesses.

2. We engage in direct mining of raw coal from coal mines and highway-railway multimodal transportation, providing end-to-end “procurement+sales+warehousing+transportation” logistics solutions to upstream and downstream customers.

3. Utilizing our warehousing bases, we establish a logistics service platform catering to the Boxing iron and steel industry, offering a one-stop “logistics+warehousing+supply chain” service model.

4. By integrating transport capacity resources and establishing a common fleet, we create an integrated “procurement+transportation+warehousing” model. This enables us to offer door-to-door and one-stop supply chain services, providing customers with bulk commodity logistics solutions.

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