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Comprehensive Auto Repair Services

Comprehensive Auto Repair Services

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Tanker steam cleaning and inspection operations

Our services cover 24-hour high-pressure steam cleaning for hazardous goods tankers, various media car tanks, and container tanks. We offer professional tank washing, cleaning, and media change programs, as well as rust removal for tanks. We are also an authorized service center for CIMC RJST, CIMC Linyu, and YQ Vehicles, offering repairs for hazardous goods tankers, fire work, and high-end welding operations. Our facilities serve as the designated inspection base for metal tanks of hazardous goods pressurized (atmospheric pressure) tank trucks, the inspection base for pressurized tank trucks of Shandong Special Equipment Inspection Institute Group Co., Ltd., and the designated inspection base for atmospheric pressure tank trucks certified by the China Classification Society.

Vehicle repair plant operations

We hold class A motor vehicle maintenance qualification applicable for large truck maintenance and hazardous goods transportation vehicle maintenance. We are the designated dismantling and inspection center for PICC accident cars and offer services to heavy tractor repair and maintenance for brands such as Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor, CIMC, Weichai Power and Cummins. Our goal is to reduce operating costs for our customers and provide a comprehensive one-stop service throughout the entire vehicle life cycle.

Automotive aftermarket businesses

Our main responsibilities include procuring automobile tires, lubricants, insurance, and logistics equipment. We collaborate closely with upstream customers to deliver more satisfying goods to downstream customers. Additionally, we have established an innovation center for hazardous chemical storage and transportation equipment, fostering a strategic multi-dimensional integration system to better serve our customers.

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